New Kindle boasts waterproofness and is audiobook enabled

New Kindle boasts waterproofness and is audiobook enabled

Ereaders have become part and parcel of our daily life. They offer convenience and make reading a real pleasure. That is why all fans of ebook reading will welcome the new waterproof and audiobook enabled Kindle. Add to these the high resolution display, and you have an ereader to covet and get.

It is almost a decade since the first Kindle was released, and the new device certainly crowns the line, with the impressive upgrades. Let us dwell on the bunch of advantages you get with the new member of the Kindle ereader family of eight.

Waterproofness: a great feature!

For those who are aficionados of waterproof gadgets, the waterproofness is great news. This is the first Kindle device to boast the feature. Now its proud owners will no longer fear for it while lying by the sea or the pool, or flipping over the page with a wet finger. They even say in adverts that if you drop, or put the new Kindle Oasis in water, it can lie there for an hour; then just take it out and use it without any problems.

The battery: fast-charging and lasting for a month and a half!

The built-in battery is quick-charging, so expect it to recharge in under two hours. That means you will do some housework or potter in the garden for a while, and you can come back to resume reading, with the battery fully charged.

As for how long the battery lasts after charging, the great news is you can read for as long as six weeks, before you need to recharge it.

The models

The new Kindle Oasis comes in three models. They have different storage capacity, so choose from the 8GB, the 32GB, and the 32GB with free 3G connectivity.

Audible and ebook: switch between the two versions

The new Kindle Oasis supports audiobook format, as we have already pointed out. So you can buy both the ebook and the audible book versions, and switch between the two whenever you feel like it.

You can listen to the audible book you have bought by connecting Bluetooth enabled headphones or speakers, as there is no 3.5 mm jack to plug in headphones.

More good news: the new Kindle Oasis is thinner and lighter!

More convenience is provided with the 3.4 mm thickness, and the weight of 194 grams, 10 grams lighter than its predecessor.

Buy a cover for hands free reading

The covers sold on Amazon can be used as stands, so that you can conveniently read without holding the ereader. Just set it up on a desk or a table, and open the ebook you have been reading.

When buying a cover, consider choosing between the fabric and the leather option. You can also make a choice of colour, Gold or Graphite.

The Kindle Oasis is a welcome novelty for ereading aficionados

Combining ebooks with audible books, having a waterproof ereader, now thinner and lighter, with a fast charging battery: this is a splendid bundle for both seasoned and novice ereading fans

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