Prime Wardrobe: a new try-before-you-buy convenience for shoppers on Amazon UK

Prime Wardrobe: a new try-before-you-buy convenience for shoppers on Amazon UK

Prime Wardrobe: a new try-before-you-buy convenience for shoppers on Amazon UK

Would you like to try clothes before you purchase them? Hardly anyone will give a negative answer. So it is really great news that Amazon UK is launching the try-before-you-buy service at its Fashion Department. Amazon has been selling apparel in the UK since 2008. Now, ten years later, it offers the Prime Wardrobe service.

There was a testing of that trying service in the US Amazon, and it was crowned with success. Now UK shoppers can also avail themselves of this convenience. The UK is the third country to benefit from it, after the initial testing in the US in June 2018, and in Japan very recently.

Amazon follows the example of Asos in partnership with Klarna Pay Later, which offered its UK app customers of the site to try items at home and avail themselves of a 30-day period, following which they must return the items they find out do not fit them, and pay for the ones that fit and so are worth purchasing.

The Prime Wardrobe service and what it offers

If you want to look for the new service, seek the name Prime Wardrobe. For example, from the Shop by Department menu choose Clothes, Shoes and Fashion, then Women, and under the advert of sales you will see “Shop prime wardrobe”.

After you click on the triangle next to that, to open the new page, you will see the summary of what the service offers.

First, you can pick from the eligible items. Pick between 3 and 8 ones. You can choose from both clothes and shoes.

Next, you can try the clothes and shoes at home when they arrive. You have a seven-day trial period at your disposal.

You will only pay for the items that you have decided to keep because they fit you. You can use the resealable bag and the prepaid returns label provided with the Prime Wardrobe ndelivery to package and send back the items not fitting you.

Shoppers who have Prime membership can use the new service

If you have signed up for Prime membership, you are eligible for the service. Delivery is free, you pay after you have tried the items, and there are no upfront charges whatsoever.

Additional discounts with Prime Wardrobe

Depending on how many clothing items or shoe pairs you decide to purchase because they are your size, you will get a range of discounts as an additional incentive. The more items you purchase, the higher the discounts will be.

Which brands are among the eligible items for the Prime Wardrobe service

You will be tempted to try the service, and sign up for Prime if you are not a member yet, after you learn which brands you can get with this new service. Among them are Levi’s, Calvin Klein, New Balance, LK Bennett, Also, New Look, and other labels.

Why the new Prime Wardrobe service is important in terms of improving shoppers’ satisfaction

As Xavier Garambois, the vice president of the retail division of Amazon Europe, underlined, it is crucial to try clothes and shoes before you purchase them, which is what Amazon Prime Wardrobe brings.

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